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About Rena

A Real Estate Agent is one of those unique types of people which require excellence at a wide variety of skills. Not only is Rena Vahidi a skilled businesswoman and innovator, but she is someone who is able to relate to people of all different backgrounds and situations. Her success in sales and negotiations come from a natural desire to be helpful, share information, and find creative solutions that benefit all parties.

After graduating with a degree in Business Administration and studies in Art History, Rena worked in fields which strengthen her multi-faceted areas of expertise. As an Art Museum registrar and docent, she gained a critical attention to detail, micro and macro vision, and a love for enlightening others. Her work for a Private Mortgage Banker and as a Loan Consultant gave her a unique perspective of real estate, project management skills, and strict adherence to compliance. And finally, her work in marketing and branding honed both her sales and negotiation skills, as well as her creative problem solving capabilities.

A native of San Diego, Rena has come to know and love the Bay Area, and all it has to offer. From the music and art that abounds in the City to the food, neighborhoods and breathtaking outdoors of the East Bay, Rena spends much of her time learning the intricacies of this beautiful community, so that she may be of maximum service to her clients. When she is not working, Rena is taking advantage of her surroundings, be it hiking and running, yoga and dancing, or just driving on the Bay Area backroads, discovering old forgotten California gems.